Midlife, No Crisis
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Midlife, No Crisis

Welcome to GenXO! This is an essay on why XO, why this community and why now! XO is a hug and a kiss, it is a love signature, and it is also a calling card for you to discover your existential opportunity!

What is an existential opportunity?

Girlfriend, it is the opposite of a midlife crisis. It is your calling to discover your bad assery, your passion, your purpose, your voice and shape it into something tangible and meaningful. No holds barred, your XO is your first last chance to make sure your time left on this earth is as meaningful as you can make it!

GenXO is your community

GenXO is a home for women of Gen X or Gen Xennial identifying with the complications and constructs of women born roughly 1965 to 1985. This is a vast age range, but comparative to others, our generation holds a unique place in community, society, culture and family. Wedged between Boomers and Milennials, we are labeled as a somewhat tolerated “middle child” generation… not revered, not known for anything in particular and, frankly, not even really thought of. Egads! That sucks.

Gen X is the glue holding generations together, lifting them up

But the truth is, dear one, that I see you. I know you. I revere you. And “they” are fucking wrong. And I am mad about it.

We, Gen Xers, are (often) silently bearing many burdens on behalf of the expectations of those who came before us. And for the generations that follow us. We are carrying loads for those before us and after us – often literally, sometimes it’s a trans-generational burden deep in our DNA.

We were told we could do anything. But we heard we should do everything. So we did. And, now here we are.

Kim PG

“Everything” to you may be different than me. But without doubt, we are all the children and grandchildren of women who broke barriers for us. We internalized their difficulties and risks and took on “everything” expected of us. And then layered on more expectations set for ourselves.

This does not by any means imply that we do everything well. Probably quite the opposite. We often feel we do nothing particularly wonderful while doing so much. So we are tired, lost, sad, hopeless and just plain stuck.

But, listen up because how we feel and what is the truth are not in sync. By now, every single one of us has accomplished something of meaning and value to be proud of.

We are still here!

Yes, surviving is an accomplishment. Thriving is ideal. But surviving in and of itself to this age is worthy of a big deep breath to acknowledge. In and of itself it means you have stories to share, a life with meaning behind you and a foundation on which to move forward.

I suspect some of you have already also thrived and felt fulfillment, true satisfaction and pride in the footprints you will one day leave behind. Yes! Amazing! What might happen next?

Whether you are still discovering your path or you know exactly what it is, you’ve already had a remarkable journey. And that journey is your story that should be told.

Will you leave a legacy?

Let’s be honest, dear friend. We are midlife, coming upon it, or perhaps it is behind us. But it is not too late. In fact, it is the perfect time to begin to define the artifacts of your life and determine the legacy you will leave behind.

It is one thing to walk through life head down, full steam ahead. It is another thing entirely to lift up your chin, pause to claim who you truly are, declare your story, and bravely commit your truth to the history books.

Your legacy starts with deep self-interest

It all sounds great to walk a path of defining who you are and leaving a footprint behind. But to do it is another thing. Without a doubt, one thing Gen X is terrible at is taking a deep self-interest. It starts with self-care. From there we can expand with greater ease to care for our other aspects of life we care about.

Over time, this Gen XO community will offer coaching, guidance and knowledge to overcome barriers and provide a framework for legacy building and creating your “artifacts” that leave a dent for Gen X on this planet, for historians to ponder.

But for now, please find the Gen XO community to be a place of comfort, courage and confidence. Leap into a forum and get this legacy started!

Mid-life, no crisis – your existential opportunity starts now.

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